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A Collaborative Platform

A Collaborative Platform

Do you wish to get rid of versioning problems and endless back and forth emailing?

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Collaborate in Real-time - Manage Users - Track Changes

Content development workflows are never really thought out. They often fall into place because we just do things the way we always did and never challenge them because we never have time. We know that you know that.

But Google suite and Office 365 have arrived, and collaboration in real-time directly in the same online file is changing the game of content development! No more versioning confusion, no more forgetting an attached file, no more lost feedback due to the email going to spam.

Everything is centralized, you give the exact custom rights each collaborator needs and track every change they make, accept, or refuse and lock the content when the content is final.


Collaborate in Real-Time

✓  Share your project with collaborators

✓  Edit the same document at the same time

✓  Comment directly on the document

✓  Assign tasks to collaborators

✓   Lock the page or the final chapter



Manage Users

✓ Invite collaborators

✓ Use the standard rights profiles

✓ Create new custom profiles

✓ Change the status of collaborators

✓  Remove collaborators

Manage Users


Track Changes

✓ Activate or deactivate the track changes feature on your project

✓ See what’s been added or removed

✓ Follow-up on changes in real-time

✓ As an administrator, accept or refuse changes

✓  Reply to the change when needed

Track Changes


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