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A White Labelled Courseware

A White Labelled Courseware

Are you looking for a simple solution to publish your educational content on the web?

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A User-Friendly Bookshelf - An Interactive Reader - LMS Features

Publishing educational content on the web is a tricky business nowadays. Which technical solution to choose? Website? LMS? MOOC platform? It actually depends on the business model you want to build.

And how to secure your content when so many websites give it away for free? How to make content available without being hacked?

With our end-to-end publishing platform MyEcontentFactory, we chose to build a powerful authoring tool, as well as the development of our white-labeled web application to publish this content. It’s a pre-parametered shelf with a secure access that you can customize to your brand and populate with the content module you have imported or created in MyEcontentFactory’s authoring tool.

You can use this web application either to broadcast your content in a very simple way to your team, your students, your readers; or design a real online bookstore, or even build a cross-platform experience with our mobile and tablet apps! If you need a complete eLearning experience, we can also provide LMS features upon request.

Digital mutation is complex, but a great first step would be to publish your courses easily and smoothly directly online through our webreader app!

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A User-Friendly Bookshelf

Update your content anytime

White labeled reader

Shareable URL to give access

Synchronized mobile apps upon request

Accessibility features in the reader

A User-Friendly Bookshelf


An Interactive Reader

✓ An E-reader online

Rich content display

Epub 3 format display or HTML5 format generated in MyEcontentFactory

Synchronized users’ inputs across devices

✓ Notes, highlights, bookmarks

An Interactive Reader



LMS Features Upon Request

Assign modules to specific learners

✓ Assign interactive assessments

✓ Track analytics

✓ Customizable user profile

✓ Enable trainers to add their own content

LMS Features Upon Request


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