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  • MyEcontentFactory for Businesses

    Craft Beautiful & Engaging Employee Training Content at Scale for any LMS

    Departmentally-tailored course templates built for today's working professional

    Built-in knowledge check assessments & learner analytics

    On-demand learning across devices, both on and offline

    Create & Distribute Personalized eLearning Content in Minutes

    Rich media and assessments can be easily added to existing and new content

    Centralized repositories reduce manual, time-intensive and repetitive tasks

    Real-time previews allow for more efficient collaboration

    Facilitate Business Productivity with Templates that Meet Your Needs

    Product Manuals, Employee Onboarding, Sales Enablement, Board Reports, White Papers, Industry Case Studies & more

    Distribution-agnostic content for use as mobile apps, printable PDFs, interactive WebReaders or XML

    Rapid knowledge transfer to employees and customers

    Create, Retain & Transfer Your Knowledge

    Real-time content updates to keep teams and customers informed

    Invaluable knowledge and thought leadership are preserved at scale

    Remote work and collaboration is better supported and optimized

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