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You are a Corporate Training Company?

You are a Corporate Training Company?

Customizable and Collaborative eLearning at Your Fingertips

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Organizational and workforce development, as well as employee and corporate training, are moving towards eLearning, blended learning, microlearning, and digital training.

Documentation and corporate communication on one authoring platform can stream processes for your company. You can digitize your organization and publish content easily and quickly, even on a mobile app.

Start your company's digital transformation.

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Create your interactive content and assessments in our authoring tool, edit collaboratively with your trainers and experience our ready-to-use templates. Export your modules in one click to send ’em to your learners, or publish em to your audience with our dedicated simply secure website customized to your brand. And all this, autonomously!

Training materials, onboarding, and eLearning are simple and easy to share, edit, and collaborate with MyEcontentFactory. Global sales organizations can learn new upgrades to their technology and update sales materials on the go or in a remote environment. You can keep your team educated and selling. Contact us to get started today.

Try Our Turnkey Solution

✓  Collaborative content creation & editing
  User-friendly assessment module
✓  Ready-to-use templates
✓  Advanced users management
✓  Epub3, HTML and XML generation
✓  Customized simple website
✓  Media management

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Rethink Your Training Organization


Let us guide you into a digital transformation that will enable your company or organization to be a leader in eLearning, development, and coaching.  

We will bring your Existing coaching and training materials back to life with our scalable authoring tool. MyEcontentFactory allows you to publish your digital learning modules on the web, as a mobile application, our LMS  or integrate with a third-party LMS.

This solution is perfect for a company that is hiring multiple new employees or is in a highly specialized industry such as the medical industry. Also, it is great for organizations that are in a disruptive technology and that are rapidly growing. The flexibility of the content and ability to make real-time changes helps the team to hire and onboard new employees quickly and efficiently. A franchised company that is looking to train several new employees can add training materials, videos, and assessments to keep track of its employees’ progress. We can brand your platform to increase loyalty within your training workforce. 

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All of the above
iOS and Android mobile apps
LMS features
LTI and QTI exports
✓ Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas integration

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Rethink Your Training Organization