Multiple Outputs for Any Distribution Channel

Multiple Outputs for Any Distribution Channel

Do you need to transform your content into different formats and feed various platforms from a single source?

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Export for Print - Publish Your eBooks - Retrieve Your Content in Several Formats

Single-source publishing or multi-channel publishing is not a new concept. The need for content management in one place and using it across different media, has gotten more and more crucial in any content development workflow throughout the years, following the proliferation of multiple digital platforms and outputs.

Becoming distribution-platform agnostic is a hot issue for those who don’t want to waste time in content development. Forking content too early is causing a lot of divergences leading it to be inconsistent across the distribution channels, thus, diminishing its durability.

If you work on an InDesign file, you usually export it in printer-ready PDF format and then make corrections directly on plotters. You then go back to the InDesign files to export content in epub and to a Word document that originally fed the InDesign file, to then produce the new mobile app. This multi-step workflow results in inconsistent content across outputs and content development accuracy will be lost along the way.

MyEcontentFactory provides you a single-source authoring that allows you to author once and export everywhere.



Export for Print

✓ Export content as InDesign files

✓ Export content as printer-ready PDF

✓ Export content as simple PDF



Publish Your eBooks

✓ Export content in reflowable epub3

✓ Export content as VitalSource’s reflowable epub3  

✓ Feed VitalSource’s Bookshelf with your new epubs

✓ Generate an interactive PDF


Retrieve Your Content in Other Formats

✓ Use HTML5 export to feed your websites

✓ Export in XML to exploit your content in other platforms

✓ Request a custom XML based on your DTD

✓ Use SCORM export to feed eLearning platforms or LMS


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