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Our Technology

Our Technology

We provide a SaaS Platform Based on the Latest Most Secure Technologies

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions that Gutenberg Technology offers, allow you to benefit from constant technological improvements of our features.

We use the latest technologies, supported by large technology players in the market.

This ensures durability and support for the software over time.

Up-to-date, Robust, Durable, Safe, Adaptable

Our Stack

Our content is delivered through Amazon Web Services CloudFront to improve page load times and sustain content availability anytime, anywhere. MyEcontentFactory front-end is developed in React to handle the content and in AngularJS for the UI, we adopted the material design in 2016.

MyEcontentFactory back-end relies on Node.js, ensuring a fast web app, while the database is handled through RethinkDB and crawlable via ElasticSearch.

Our cloud service is Amazon Web Services (AWS), that is well-known and definitely robust.

We made those choices to ensure a maximum reliability of our service throughout the world.

Our Stack


Our APIs

Our APIs use common standards. Gutenberg Technology provides an ecosystem of fully documented APIs.

Our APIs provide technology teams with the ability to tap into GT’s Modules or make use of your own existing assessment libraries and metadata models. Our APIs also offer the ability to integrate our project distribution to your own distribution schemas.

The APIs allow technology teams to easily retrieve or update Get | Put | Post and Delete to any of the GT LMS or GT Reader Platform Modules.

GT’s APIs support deep integration with your own Media DAM, your user Database, ticketing dashboard…

Technology teams who wish to use our APIs should reach out to us to discuss your specific needs and to review the documentation for all APIs in-depth.

Want to learn more? Contact us to take a look at the API documentation.