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Mobile & Responsive

Ensure your workforce has access to information anytime, anywhere
and on the device of their choice.

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Today’s ever-changing global business environment requires your teams to act fast,
and create quick innovation opportunities when they arise.

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Manage & Organize

Eliminate wasted time duplicating efforts creating content that already exists
by linking all your content to a single source of truth.

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Business Agility

Optimize your people and their time through effective creation, capture, transfer,
and accessibility of the right information when needed.

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Select Your Channel and Distribute Seamlessly

GT’s end-to-end content management platform meets the needs of companies who need to repurpose, create, collaborate and distribute high-quality content at scale, allowing push-of-the-button distribution to your channel of choice.

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Onboard more effectively to impact your organization’s culture, morale and employee productivity.

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Upskill your current employees to ensure they are provided with the training, knowledge and experience they need to succeed.

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Sales Enablement

Unlock your content’s potential by making it easy to author, organize, search and share with your salesforce.

Simple & Intuitive

Leverage the benefits of a best-in-class, user-centric solution that delivers beautiful thematic designs via an intuitive platform.

  • Marry your content with smart user-persona based themes
  • Create compelling, beautiful content that motivates your end-users
  • Rapidly prototype for new channels and markets
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Multidisciplinary & Device Agnostic

Connect members of cross-functional teams across remote geographies to share their knowledge, take action and deliver results; on any device.


Knowledge > Action > Results

The GT Platform is a Catalyst to Your Digital Journey

The digital era is upon us.  Disruptive forces such as Mobility, Cloud, Social, and Analytics are driving new business models and rapid change in our marketplace.   

End users rule in today’s app-centric environment, and the cloud has become the central enabler for rich experiences customers expect that are seamless and personalized to their tastes. We believe the ability to learn and make sense of new information is crucial to successful development, whether in school or at work. 

Our solution leverages cloud, mobile, analytics and social, so your employees can find the most effective way to attain their information and apply new concepts successfully with ease.

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Harness Your ROI for Knowledge Management

Fortune 500 companies  lose over $31 billion dollars annually because employees fail to efficiently and effectively share knowledge. This includes wasted or duplicated work, reliance on expensive outside experts when knowledge exists internally, and the failure to correct costly past mistakes or missteps. 

Hone in on your approach to knowledge management, and enable your employees to access what they need to know, when they need to know it, whether that information exists in a file or in a colleague’s mind.

GT was a natural fit for us given the flexibility of their SaaS platform and their team’s ability to consistently deliver. The GT platform is a catalyst of improved time-to-market and scalability.

Doug Mealing SVP, Chief Software Architect @ Cengage