Publish Your Digital Content on Mobile and Tablet

Publish Your Digital Content on Mobile and Tablet

Are you looking for a fast and robust solution to publish your content on mobile and tablet; and build a cross-platform experience?

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Easy-To-Make Apps - An Interactive Reader - LMS Features Available

Designing, developing, and publishing mobile and tablet apps has always been expensive and time-consuming. Generally, if your mobile app is a one-shot, the ROI of the project is always low, even close to zero or less… It’s the number one blocker when you want to make a content application, isn’t it?

With our end-to-end publishing platform MyEcontentFactory, we chose to build a powerful authoring tool, but also to develop white-labeled mobile and tablet applications for iOS and Android, allowing you to publish your content.

It’s pre-parametered shelves that allow you to customize to your brand and populate with the content module that you have imported or created in MyEcontentFactory’s authoring tool.
You can use those applications either to broadcast your content in a very simple way to your team, your students, your readers, or even build a cross-platform experience with our mobile and tablet apps!

Our LMS features allow you to conceive a true digital learning experience, for eLearning or blended learning purposes for instance. Going mobile and digital has never been easier!



Easy-To-Make Mobile and Tablet Apps

✓ Generate iOS app

✓ Generate Android app

Customize them to your brand

Preview your app and your content in apps

✓ Launch a bookshelf app or a mono-doc app


Provide an Interactive Reader

E-reader for rich content

Search in modules

Epub3 format display or HTML5 format generated in MyEcontentFactory

✓ Synchronized users’ inputs and analytics across devices

Simple access to user inputs: display notes, highlights, bookmarks



LMS Features Available

Follow your learners or readers analytics

✓ Customize navigation, pagination, topbar

Assign modules to specific learners

✓ Assign interactive assessments

✓ Use our accessibility features


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