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Our Services

We can Guide You Through Your Digital Transformation

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Our Skills - Our Philosophy - Our Methodology - Change Management

Moving from a print-first workflow to digital-first workflow could be a daunting challenge, we are here to guide you through the digital transformation process.

Here at Gutenberg Technology, we have a team of passionate and skilled professionals to help you set up a unified workflow, so you can achieve digital-first transformation and strengthen your competitive advantage in the market.

 Here at Gutenberg Technology


Our Skills

✓ We help you analyze your current workflow and identify improvements.

✓ We work with you on designing a unified workflow so you can shift your organization to a digital-first ecosystem.

✓ We collaborate with you to define a deployment strategy so you can benefit from time and cost saving in the near term.

✓ We support you in bringing in large content at scale so you can optimize the time to market.

✓ We work with you on distributing customized learning experiences via the latest mobile technology.

Our Skills

Our Philosophy

✓ Be part of your team

✓ Understand Your Vision

✓ Understand Your Mission

✓ Understand Your Use Cases

✓ Understand Your Timeline and Dependency

✓ Communicate

✓ Experience the Journey Together

Our Philosophy

Our Methodology

We are methodical, iterative, and agile Our consultants adapt the industry’s best practice and work directly with your team to plan, phase, implement, and reiterate the transformation process. Our services team is part of the sales process to implement your digital transformation.

✓ Define MVP

✓ Risk Analysis

✓ Requirements/User Story/Acceptance Criteria Definition

✓ Detailed Project Plan

✓ Weekly Touch Point

✓ Daily Stand-Up/Agile

✓ Monthly Resource Planning

✓ Postmortem

✓ Support Process Training

Quarterly Check-In

Define MVP

Change Management

When you shift to a digital-first ecosystem, you will end up saving time and costs, in addition to setting up a new organization based on a unified workflow production.

We support you at each level of production from the Proof of Concept to the digital-first products catalog. Our goal is to give you an end-to-end solution for your daily topics and challenges.

Proof of Concept

The success of the digital-first transformation relies on 3 key factors:

✓ Needs

✓ Capabilities

✓ Readiness for the digital-first journey

Once we have defined the best practices and have known how to provide support, we can gradually introduce the new production workflow. Our team will work with you through every step. From the Pilot team to your product team and through the process of digital-first product categories.

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