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Belin Education

Digithèque Belin

Belin Education is a French publishing house specialized in academic and extracurricular books since 1777. In May 2015, when a call when out from the Ministry of National Education for a Digital Plan for Education, Belin and Gutenberg Technology answered the call. Belin, through their long experience as a school publisher, already had a deep understanding of the pedagogical practices and expectations of the educational community.

The Requirements
  • Belin was looking for a digital learning service that would be:
  • - adapted to primary and secondary school classes
  • - easy to use for both teachers and students
  • - regularly updated
  • - accurate in its follow-up to students work
  • - composed of dynamic contents such as interactive maps, exercises, and more
The Challenge

The French Digital Plan for Education aimed to enable teachers and students to take full advantage of all opportunities offered by digital to further student success. Belin and GT would join forces to rock the foundation of French education.

The Solution

With MyEcontentFactory as a solid foundation, Belin and GT combined their expertise to produce the Digithèque, an online library of media resources. This solution allowed for dynamic content to be created and published across multiple platforms. There are now 4.8 million users (teachers and students), with over 15,000 teaching modules created.


Over the course of several months, GT set up the production line directly in MyEcontentFactory. This enabled us to create thousands of teaching modules to cover science, technology, and French programs for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade, as well as History/Geography programs for grades 4 through 9. Many different learning paths have been created by the teachers themselves, from the content offered by Belin Education. Meanwhile, the metadata tagging system allows for very precise classification of content for efficient searchability. Finally, pushing content to students could be done in a more targeted way, to small groups for example. This way, students are given more specific attention and thus progress faster in their courses.

“Developed with Gutenberg Technology for the Ministry of Education, the national library of digital resources ‘Digithèque Belin’ offers teachers the opportunity to integrate digital in their teaching, exploiting the full potential of new technologies combined with wealth of the pedagogical contents available. To the delight of their students.”
Yves Manhes
Director of Belin Education, Humensis Group