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The Gutenberg Technology Story

The Gutenberg Technology Story

Dedicated to revolutionizing the learning experience!

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The way learners absorb knowledge is changing. Isn’t it time to change with them?

Our Story

Experts in Digital Learning & Digital Transformation

Since 2009, Gutenberg Technology has pushed the boundaries of technology for publishing, education, and corporate training by reinventing new ways to build, enhance, and share knowledge. We here at Gutenberg Technology yearn for being pioneers, dedicated to reimagining the content creation process through a user-friendly platform, adopting and utilizing the newest emerging technologies, and staying ahead of the industry trends. Our goal for our customers is assisting in their digital transformation from start to publication.

Our Story

Our Three Core Principles

The Pioneering Spirit  

Education, technology innovation, and disruption are rooted in our DNA.

The Dream Team  

We understand our team is our most valuable asset. 

A Commitment to Excellence

We strive for the highest quality and our customers, but their learners, too. 

Gutenberg Technology has offices in Paris, France & Boston, Massachusetts.

Our Product


MyEcontentFactory (MEF) is a modular SaaS offering from Gutenberg Technology that dramatically improves ROI for digital content providers. Through a user-friendly interface, MEF allows our customers to author, edit, design, and tag digital learning materials collaboratively in real time. Request a demo to see our authoring tool in action.

The platform acts as a provider of information for the environment, providing the developers with the tools it needs.  Within a few easy steps, you can publish your content to the webpage, mobile app, and LMS (learning management systems).

Learn More About MyEcontentFactory

Authoring tool - my econtentfactory

Our Mission

“We push the boundaries of technology so you can push the boundaries of knowledge.”

At Gutenberg Technology, we build digital solutions that improve the learning process. Together with our customers, we make learning more approachable, more engaging, and more accessible for learners across the globe.

By reimagining the digital content development, production, and dissemination processes; digital content providers, teachers, and trainers can focus on their own goals.

Our Mission

Want to learn more about Gutenberg Technology?  Contact us and let’s start a conversation.

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