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The MindTap Mobile Handbook

Cengage Learning is one of the core leaders in educational materials and services today. From K-12 and higher education to professional training and library services; Cengage is a student-centric company that offers print and digital solutions to over 125 countries across the world. Its flagship digital product, MindTap, did not have a mobile solution. MindTap, however, was connected to Cengage’s repository of primary and secondary resources known as Questia, a research and writing database that was central to the English composition course.

The Requirements
  • Cengage needed a mobile app with:
  • - a branded reader
  • - self-assessments
  • - in-app SSO connected to Cengage systems
The Challenge

Cengage knew that students felt more comfortable searching for information on-the-go rather than going to the library. However, their research, writing, and grammar solution was a print-first legacy product. Cengage was looking to go mobile.

The Solution

Gutenberg Technology worked with Cengage’s software development teams to digitize, enhance, and mobilize their print content. Through our white-label reader, Gutenberg Technology implemented a mobile experience directly connected with Cengage systems through a custom API. The result is known as the MindTap Mobile Handbook.


Gutenberg Technology was chosen due to its mastery in importing, transforming, and publishing interactive content to mobile devices.

The project was completed in record time (two months), delivering a high-performance app to meet Cengage’s time-to-market strategy. By partnering with Gutenberg Technology, the Cengage product and software development teams were able to showcase the synergy between understanding product requirements and delivering a best-in-class mobile product. The result awarded them two finalist slots in the 2016 SIIA CODiE awards for Best Reading/English/Language Arts Instructional Solution and Best Source for Reference or Education Resources.

The success of MMH lead to additional iterations, with the creation and delivery of a similar standalone mobile product that did not require Cengage SSO, Write and Cite (also available in mobile stores). Ultimately the ROI for Cengage was significant. If not for the Gutenberg Technology/Cengage collaboration, the project could have taken twice as long to come to fruition and would have cost the company at least twice as much to create.

“Working with the Gutenberg team was hugely successful on all levels: great communication, smart and expedient work and experienced team. Their development of the Mobile Handbook was beautifully done and the final product was innovative and game-changing for English Composition. We look forward to future iterations and inventive new products going forward!”
Monica Eckman
Senior Product Director: English, Communication, and World Languages, Cengage Learning