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Halifax Consulting
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Halifax Consulting

The Sales Academy

Halifax Consulting is a consulting firm specialized in business training for teams and managers. Founded in 2003, the Halifax consultants practice innovative educational engineering based on digital, collaborative work, development of sales tools, and business assessment. With the wealth of its local operations, Halifax assists clients in the deployment of international projects.

The Requirements
  • Halifax was looking to revolutionize their sales team training by:
  • - including interactive videos
  • - going mobile to tablets and smartphones, iOS and Android
  • - including interactive assessments
  • - converting from Flash to HTML5
The Challenge

Halifax offers their Sales Academy in 6 countries across the world for over 40 consultants. With sales teams increasingly more mobile-reliant, Halifax needed to deliver up-to-date training, anywhere at any time. Furthermore, content updates took a long time to be deployed. Thus it was critical to engage learners wherever they may be.

The Solution

By offering a one-click solution to publish or update content on all media, Gutenberg Technology enabled Halifax to transform their e-learning courses into mobile training modules.


Gutenberg Technology helped transform Halifax by allowing them to broadcast their high-quality, interactive training content on the web, tablets, and smartphones. Their teams can update the content in real-time and safely broadcast training to learners.

“With Gutenberg Technology, we are entering the era of mobile learning, which is a crucial and awaited for our learners. Thanks to the applications of our Lead and Deal training, our customers will be able to offer their collaborators, more engaging, playful, and all-time accessible training. Halifax has a single goal: to offer our customers the best-customized solutions for their core business on all continents!”
Frédéric Vendeuvre
Co-Founder, Halifax