A Simultaneous Digital and Print Workflow

A Simultaneous Digital and Print Workflow

Are you still designing for print first and “dealing” with digital as the aftermath?
Do you want to get rid of this conventional way of doing things?

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A True Print Workflow - Mutualize Content Development - Bring a Significant ROI

Digital transformation is a reality in every market. Publishing, education, and corporate training are trying to adapt the content production to this new development. But, is it efficient? We are all accustomed to building different workflows for each product content, to customize each one according to the destination format while being as accurate as we could.

But, forking content early is too big of a risk: when you develop your content in parallel for each product, you lose content consistency. Every modification you make too far along the way should be transmitted upwards but will be most probably lost. Changes on plotters? How to put them back in the InDesign files which will be the source for the epub format, and put them back on the .doc that will feed the mobile app?

With MyEcontentFactory, we are happy to offer you a new innovative possibility. Using our platform, you can collaborate with your team to craft the content before any publishing process. Update in one place, export, and publish everywhere at once, following a simultaneous print and digital workflow.



A True Print Workflow

Import your content and assets

✓ Put together text and images

Correct and edit

✓ Export as InDesign files

✓ Generate printer ready PDFs



Mutualize Content Development

Tag content for print only and digital only  

Style accordingly

Author once, update everywhere

Reuse, reassemble, modify

✓ Add interactive assets



Bring a Significant ROI

✓ Up to half (50%) of time-saving

✓ Up to a third (30%) of costs savings

✓ Switching from a print-first to a digital-first workflow


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