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The Future of Knowledge

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Our Mission

We build digital solutions that enable companies to leverage their biggest asset - their intellectual capital. Knowledge is power only if you apply it, and more often than not, organizations do not fully utilize this asset. Our goal is to help you unlock all of your mission critical content, so that you can efficiently deploy it to your workforce and customers.

Content anytime, anywhere, to drive business results.

From Our CEO

In this era of a constant transformative global economy, with distributed workforces, AI technology and critical countdown climate change it is now crucial to invest in what makes humans, society and businesses better, knowledge.

50% of jobs could be automated in the next 25 years, which means businesses have to reinvent themselves along with their workforce. While the role of education will continue to grow, making knowledge accessible internally and externally is as important.

GT is determined to make in impact by providing the tools businesses need to digitalize and transform their knowledge, across all of their cost centers (HR, Marketing, Finance, Sales) so that they can efficiently optimize their operations, while innovating, enabling their workforce and customers with a solution that provides just-in-time business knowledge.

- Gjergj Demiraj, President & CEO

Our Global End Users

GT serves customers from all over the world. 

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Want to Join Our Mission?

We are currently offering the below career opportunities. Apply to join our diverse, passionate and innovative team.

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Business Analyst, Boston

A Business Analyst Engineer is a trusted solutions advisor that utilizes their critical thinking and technical skills during the sales process to help advance potential prospects through the sales pipeline. 

Sales Account Executive, Boston

You’ll be responsible for selling GT’s SaaS platform specifically to the Manufacturing market and manage all aspects of sales, from target identification, opportunity qualification, sales strategy setup, execution, and closing.