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Are you a University

Are you a University?

Let's Bring Your Courseware Online.

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As a university or as a higher education institution, digital courses and eLearning are the biggest challenges to stay relevant. As more competition comes into the market, online university's courseware needs to stay relevant and customizable.

How about going from education to edtech by producing digital content easily and quickly?

Become an eLearning Champion

Create Educational Digital Content


Create your interactive content and assessments in our authoring tool, edit it collaboratively with your teachers and experience our ready-to-use templates. Export your shopping in one click to send them to your students, or publish your educational resources to your dedicated audience was simply secure website customized to your brand: your very own courseware is born. And all this, autonomously! Contact us to get started today.

Create Educational Digital Content

✓  Collaborative content creation & editing
 User-friendly assessment module
 Ready-to-use templates
 Advanced users management
 Epub3 generation
 Customized simple website
 Media management

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Bring a Digital Mindset to Your University


Let’s create a digital mindset for your institution. Your digital transformation will be able to break into the online education market. 

We will bring your existing courseware and instructional material back to life with MyEcontentFactory. With the GT team, we can build together a digital production workflow, allowing you to centralize your content on one single platform, create your own courseware and publish it in a web and mobile LMS applications. 

Authors can duplicate courseware and rework changes in a real-time collaborative environment. Teachers can use the bookshelf to share the requirements for a course. Your online courses can have self-built assessments and reporting to analyze your content.

Our tool allows for integration into many LMS solutions, making this a stress free integration for your team. Let’s see how GT can help you with a tailored solution. Request a Demo!

✓  All of the above
✓  Support
✓  LTI and QTI exports
✓  Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas integration
✓  iOS and Android mobile apps
✓  LMS features

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Bring a Digital Mindset to Your University