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Are You a Publisher?

Are You a Publisher?

Let's Start Your Digital Transformation.

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We understand the increasing challenges around creating digital content as a publisher. The market is changing to digital technology and innovation is coming to the forefront of learning.

How about creating more digital content products, faster, and cheaper?

Gutenberg Technology's digital-first philosophy can save you time and money.

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Centralize your content in our single-source authoring tool, edit collaboratively with your team, and experience our ready-to-use templates.

Export your books as reflective Epub3 in one click, and publish them to your dedicated audience on a bookshelf. It’s a simple and secure personalized website to your brand. And all this, autonomously! Contact us to get started today.

Centralize your content

✓  Collaborative content creation & editing
✓  User-friendly assessment module
✓  Ready-to-use templates
✓  Advanced users management
✓  Epub3 generation
✓  Customized simple website
✓  Media management

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Rethink Your Production Workflow


Free Your Content! Let us be your champions by bringing a digital-first mindset to your publishing house. Your digital transformation will allow your company to break into and dominate the ever-growing edtech market.

We will bring your legacy content back to life with MyEcontentFactory. We will help you build a simultaneous digital and print workflow, allowing you to generate a  web versionPDFInDesign files and publish on mobile apps as well as directly sending your content to LMS applications. Let’s see how GT can help you with a tailored solution. Request a Demo!

Rethink Your Production Workflow

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on How to Increase Your ROI

✓  All of the above
✓  Support
✓  Customized imports and exports
✓  InDesign files generation
✓  iOS and Android mobile apps
✓  LMS features

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