An Interactive Assessment Module

An Interactive Assessment Module

Do you want to build interactive assessments to create dynamic content?

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Wide Range of Assessments - Highly Configurable Settings - Manage Content and Display

Going from printed books or presentations to digital content, not only implies a change in the format, but also a change in the culture of content development. Static texts and images should become a true learning experience. Top-down content alone is not relevant anymore, and you have to catch the learner’s interest in engaging interactions.

The first step is by adding assessments: it’s a type of content that you are already familiar with, and its interactive nature will enhance the whole experience.

MyEcontentFactory’s assessment module is user-friendly for instructors and fluid to be tested on learners. You will be able to design rich content assessments; including images, videos, and audio files to keep your learners engaged with many types of assessments available. This allows you to test your learners on diverse abilities without forgetting to fine-tune the learning experience, thanks to all the customizable settings!



Wide Range of Assessments

✓ 13 types of assessments

Classical assessment types: Multiple Choice Question, Single-Choice Question, Text Block, Open Question

To-be-completed assessment types: Fill-in Blank, Highlight in the Text, Tap and Place, Variable in Text

Matching assessment types: Categorize, Matching, Word Association, Sort Answers,




Highly Configurable Settings

Shuffle questions and configure the number of attempts

Display questions consecutively or altogether

Check answers, save answers or not, show score or not

Weight questions, display difficulty level

✓ Add hints and observations



Manage Content and Display

✓ Ready-to-use or custom templates

Author once, update on every project

Preview assessments

Export as HTML and JSON format

Import your legacy assessments in JSON format


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